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Project description


Open Data is easy to find and access for new innovations and also frequently used in comparative research. Water resources are managed effectively for a safe and sustainable development, while hydrological research is recognized for transparency, collaboration and repeatable experiments world-wide, with close links to practical applications and societal needs.


The Switch-on Portal is a well-known “one-stop-shop” with water information and facilitates for community building, which is frequently being visited by water scientists, consultancies and managers. The portal consists of:

  • Open Virtual Water-Science Laboratory providing a research infrastructure including data, models and protocols that facilitates collaboration, transparency and repeatable computational experiments among research groups.
  • Open Virtual Product Market with water-information products and services for water managers.
  • Open knowledge brokerage with a virtual meeting place for policy makers, water managers, product developers and researchers with an innovative dialogue on development and marketing of new scientifically sound commercial water-information products and services.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Agile management approach

Abstract from the Description of Work (DoW)

The project SWITCH-ON addresses water concerns to thoroughly explore and exploit the significant and
currently untapped potential of open data. Water information is highly sought after by many kinds of end-users,
both within government and business as well as within civil society. Water touches virtually all societal and
environmental domains and the knowledge domain is largely multidisciplinary. New water information and
knowledge can thus lead to more efficient use of environmental services and better handling of environmental
problems, including those induced by climate and environmental change. SWITCH-ON will show the benefits
achieved through the whole process chain by re-purposing (re-using under different context) open data products
into more dedicated and refined water products, which have high value and a broad impact on society.
The vision is to improve public services, and to foster business opportunities and growth, by establishing new
forms of water research and facilitating the development of new products and services based on principles of
sharing. The SWITCH-ON objectives are to use open data for implementing:

  1. an innovative spatial information platform with open data tailored for direct water assessments.
  2. an entirely new form of collaborative research for water-related sciences.
  3. fourteen new operational products and services dedicated to appointed end-users.
  4. new business and knowledge to inform individual and collective decisions in line with the Europe’s smart
    growth and environmental objectives..

While focusing on water, the project is expected to inspire a much broader
environmental and societal knowledge domain and many different end-users. The SWITCH-ON project will be
one trigger in a contemporary global movement to better address environmental and societal challenges through
openness and collaboration.

Project structure
EU strategies and directives