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Products and Services

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Innovative Commercial Products and Services

SWITCH-ON will develop products and services for environmental management and awareness by re-purposing open data and using numerical models in new ways to describe the environmental system and it’s variability in space and time. To ensure successful
implementation, each product involves a detailed business plan and close cooperation with appointed end-users. The SMEs and service providers are expected to access new markets, increase their competences and achieve more efficient production
as a result of the collaboration within SWITCH-ON, which will stimulate the market as a whole.


Spatial extension of application domains and end-user categories for the SWITCH-ON products.


Environmental information tools are in high demand but not always available or accessible. This is due to either a lack of knowledge of the environmental system, or a lack of local information to apply available tools at an acceptable quality and cost. SWITCH-ON will advance the state-of-the-art of information tools for environmental management by using numerical-models in new ways to describe the environmental system and it’s variability in space and time. Readily
available open data will be used to apply the tools for a large model domain with high-resolution and the information quality will be evaluated when and where observations are available.

SWITCH-ON will address already defined needs by providing an extensive range of innovative products specifically designed to meet appointed end-users requests. End-users will be actively involved in the development phase of each product. Using the
latest information and presentation technologies, such as web-based visualization tools and mobile phone apps, the products and services will be disseminated to the end users in a quick and efficient manner. In SWITCH-ON, open data will be assimilated
into the latest water-focused scientific research and in existing/new tools. In total, 14 products and services have been identified for development in close cooperation between SMEs, scientists, and end­users across environmental knowledge


Overview of SWITCH-ON products, functionalities and appointed end-users for development.


Product name (lead partner)

Main functionality/deliverable (appointed end-user)


Flash Flood Risk Mapping in Europe (Humer)

Risk map of central Europe that delineates areas with high/low flash-flood hazard (Federal State of Upper Austria, Local governments of large towns)


Water in Europe Today (SMHI)

Web App and Mobile App showing present water flow and multi-forecasts, combined with long-term statistics for any pan-European rivers >5000 km2, >10 km2 for Sweden. (County board of Östergötland, Sweden; Nyköpingsån River water council, SE)

Forecast Broker

Broker for Sharing Hydro Forecasts (Deltares)

Data platform for exchanging hydrological forecasts between regional and national water authorities, using the Netherlands as a test site (Rijkswaterstaat-Waterdienst, Waterboard Noorderzijlvest)


SHort-term Irrigation need ForecasT (HKV)

Software for PC/Web/App showing irrigation needs based on forecasts of local evaporation, soil moisture state, and run-off (Wienco Ghana Limite)


APRIL seasonal run-off forecast (Gecosistema)

Interactive web site providing seasonal run-off forecasts to optimise regional irrigation supply (Romagna Acque- Società delle Fonti Spa, Forlì, IT; Consorzio del Canale Emiliano Romagnolo (CER), Bologna, IT)


Mapping Environmental Pollution Risk (EMVIS)

Interactive web maps showing water pollution status, including risk for water-pollution hazards (Hellenic Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate change, Regional authorities of Peloponnese and Thessaly)


Toolkit for the WFD (EMVIS)

Interactive web maps for environmental impact assessment of new emissions and remedial measures based on Emission Limit Values (Hellenic Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate change, Regional authorities of Peloponnese and Thessaly, Business Council for Sustainable development of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises)


Dimensioning Water Heat Discharge (HKV)

Software tool with detailed information on water heat pollution for maintaining water temperature legal standards in open waters (International Commission of the Protection of the Rhine; Industry and energy companies (e.g. Tata Steel), BfG (D), Rijkswaterstaat (NL))


Visualization of human pollution footprint to European seas (Deltares)

Mobile App and Web App that visualizes the human phosphorus and nitrogen sources to the coast of the Great North Sea and the Baltic Sea (General public, citizens associations, (e.g. WWF), Dutch Water Authority for the North Sea.


European eutrofication-control tool (SMHI)

Interactive web tool visualizing the sources and effects of various measures to reduce water-borne nutrient pollutants on lakes, rivers and coast of EU (County board of Östergötland, Sweden; Nyköpingsån River water council)


Uncertainty framework for integrated catchment management (JBA)

Interactive tool that applies decision-analysis engines to achieve trade-off in multi-objective catchment management (UK Environment Agency, DEFRA)


Hydrological change adaptation wizard (Gecosistema)

Online decision-support tool giving options for water allocation in a future climate, incl. industrial, agricultural, and residential water supply (Romagna Acque–Società delle Fonti spa–Forlì, IT; Consorzio di Bonifica della Romagna–Cesena, IT; The Emilia Romagna regional River Basin Authority)


Personalized visualization of holistic environmental data (HKV)

Mobile App that presents several environmental variables to enhance environmental awareness, (Citizens, waterboard Groot-Salland, Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Management Research (NL), BfG (D))


High-resolution European atlas of hydropower potential (Gecosistema)

Software tool that assesses the technical and economic feasibility of small hydropower production taking into account typography, hydrology, environmental flows, and water quality (European Small Hydropower Association, ESHA)